Our Vendors

Our vendors bring a variety of goods to their tables, including fresh produce, grass-fed meats, homemade canned goods, and more! Here’s a spotlight on some of our vendors:

Mary’s Kitchen and Gardens

We are your farmer.

We live on a farm nine miles north of Beresford, South Dakota. We have been gardening since 1985. Our goal at Mary’s Kitchen and Gardens is to provide homegrown produce following organic principles and practices to ensure healthy options for you and your family to enjoy. Our commitment is to provide quality, locally-grown produce and homemade goods on a consistent basis.

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Tannenbaum Tree Farm

Featuring Flowers and Tomatoes

We started out as a choose & cut Christmas tree farm on the southwest side of Sioux Falls over 25 years ago. In 2011, we moved to a new location between Tea and Lennox and added our own greenhouse to diversify. We had both previously worked at a large commercial greenhouse operation as grower and production manager for over 20 years.

We grow a variety of annual flowers and perennials, vegetable transplants, herbs and also grafted conifers. Our specialty is a large selection of tomato plants, mostly heirlooms. We presently carry over fifty varieties.

We do not use pesticides in the greenhouse, just natural predators like ladybugs to keep the plants healthy.

We still grow Christmas trees, but our trees are not big enough yet to sell. We do however, offer Christmas wreaths, swags and winter containers at the winter market.

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Wheatstem Meadows Farm

Great Soil

Wheatstem Meadows Farm, operated by Les and Erik Miller of Sioux Falls, SD, strives to produce food of the highest quality in vegetables, flowers, and pastured meats.  Knowing the soil is the basis of all health our attention is directed towards a constant effort to raise the organic matter in the soil and create exceptional nutritional levels of food and pasture produced. Farming organically since 1995 our production in 2015 will be “Certified Naturally Grown”.