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After filling out the following information, you will be directed to a page where you will be able to pay the $30 application fee with a credit card, debit card, or with PayPal. A market board member will follow up with you to receive the rest of the payment for your booth and to get copies of your business documentation.


Please refer to the market rules and expectations here.

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Logistical Information

The Summer Market runs from May through October. What months will you be in attendence?

Saturday Market (Saturday 8am-2pm): How much booth space will you require?
None– I'll just do the midweek marketOne Booth Space (18' x 16'), $240/seasonTwo Booth Spaces (36' x 16'), $410/seasonThree Booth Spaces (54' x 16'), $555/seasonOne Trial Booth Space, $100 for 4 weeks (see below)Occasional Vendors – $40 per booth per market (must complete full application and commit to market dates two weeks in advance)

If you selected "One Trial Booth Space," please list four consecutive Saturdays on which you would like to participate:

Would you be interested in participating in a fall/winter market?

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Please list several qualified individuals allowed to manage your booth space in the event you are absent. These individuals must have knowledge of your products and be familiar with market rules and regulations.


To participate as a vendor, you will need to show proof of the following. Does your business have:

a South Dakota Sales Tax License?Business & Product Liability Certificate or Proof of Insurance? (product liability insurance minimum of $1 million, registered as selling at Cherapa Place)?all appropriate state, city, and local permits and certifications required to sell your products?

The undersigned below grants permission for The Prairie Farmers Market to use any and all photos, videotape, etc. taken of vendor product or of vendor and vendor help, in any and all publicity and advertising promoting The Prairie Farmer’s market. The undersigned acknowledges receiving The Prairie Farmers Market organization rules & regulations, as well as their privileges and responsibilities. The undersigned agrees to abide by these set rules. Nonfulfillment of rules and regulations will result in termination to participate in The Prairie Farmers Market. The undersigned further agrees that he/she indemnify and hold harmless The Cherapa Place owners and tenants, The Prairie Farmer’s Market , The Prairie Farmers Market Board of Directors, market managers, other vendors, and volunteers from any and all liabilities, damages, cost & expenditures, including all legal fees, which may arise from the operation of The Prairie Farmers Market

yes I acknowledge and agree to having read and understood the rules and regulations governing the operation of The Prairie Farmer’s Market; this is a binding contract, and that I, the vendor and my help will abide by the rules and regulations set forth by The Prairie Farmers' Market.