One week until opening day! (And it’s not too late to become a vendor.)

may 2 spring start market downtown sioux falls

The Prairie Farmers’ Market starts on May 2.

At 8am on May 2, The Prairie Farmers’ Market will be open for business! We think you’ll be surprised at the variety of produce available so early in the year thanks to several farmers’ use of hot tunnels and greenhouses. And of course, as the season continues, that variety will only increase.

In just the past few weeks we’ve added variety to our vendor line-up as well. We already have vendors offering produce, eggs, meat, coffee, canned goods, baked goods (including gluten-free bread), flowers, soap, gifts and plants. It’s a one-stop shop!

We’re still looking for more vendors to add more variety and abundance to The Prairie Farmers’ Market. If you are a farmer or a maker, head over to the vendor application page, where you can apply online or by mail. If you have any questions, contact us. And if you know a farmer or producer who would benefit by participating in The Prairie Farmers’ Market, send them our way!

Can’t shop on Saturday? We’re starting a Midweek Market for you!

tuesday 3-7 farmers market sioux falls cherapa prairie farmers

The Prairie Farmers’ Market in Sioux Falls will host a Midweek Market each Tuesday from 3-7pm.

Saturday is a great day for a relaxing grocery shopping excursion to your favorite farmers at The Prairie Farmers’ Market… for most people. For those of you who can’t make it downtown on a Saturday, there’s no need to worry. We’re starting a Midweek Market for you!

The Midweek Market will be each Tuesday from 3pm to 7pm, starting May 5, 2015. We already have a few farmers ready to start bringing their meat and produce then, and the Midweek Market will continue to grow throughout the season. Our goal is to make it easy for you to stop by while you are running your weekday errands and pick up what your family needs. If you are a vendor who would like to help us meet this goal, find more information on the vendor application page.

It’s getting more and more convenient to eat fresh, local food here in Sioux Falls! We hope you are as excited as we are.

The Prairie Farmers’ Market to Accept SNAP!

snap benefits-01

Many people believe that eating healthy food is too expensive. While it’s true that fresh produce is generally more expensive than commodities like corn and rice, healthy food (especially when purchased at a farmers market!) is a great value compared to many over-priced, over-processed foods at the grocery store. Beyond that, buying healthy food at the farmers’ market supports your long-term health and local economy!

Still, for some families, buying any groceries at all is difficult. For those families who rely on SNAP to supplement their grocery budget, it’s even more important to find the best value because their budget and benefits are so limited.

That’s why we’re excited to accept SNAP benefits at The Prairie Farmers’ Market. We have been approved to accept SNAP and the processing equipment is on its way! The SNAP check-out will be located in a central location or at one of our vendor’s booths, but it can be used to purchase products with an EBT card from any vendor selling SNAP-approved food. We’re proud to offer healthy, minimally processed foods at a great value to all our customers!

Getting closer to accepting SNAP benefits!

The Prairie Farmers Market to accept SNAP benefits

One goal of farmers’ markets is to make fresh, nourishing food affordable for local consumers. We’re working extra hard to make sure that’s true at The Prairie Farmers’ Market. We are getting closer to accepting SNAP benefits– the next step is to order the necessary equipment. We’re looking forward to meeting the needs of all of our customers in the busy growing season ahead!