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Currently Closed

We continue to work toward bringing more fresh variety to Sioux Falls. Check back for updates!

The Prairie Farmers’ Market

The Prairie Farmers’ Market is a new and growing farmers’ market located in downtown Sioux Falls. We are a group of farmers and producers bringing you fresh produce, meats, natural products and more. If you are a resident of Sioux Falls or the surrounding area, we are excited for the opportunity to serve you in the years to come. We are currently looking into new ways to bring fresh local produce to Sioux Falls. Our market for the 2017 season as of right now, will be closed. Please check back for updates! 

Become a Vendor

You can still become a vendor at The Prairie Farmers’ Market!
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Cherapa Place 300 N. Cherapa Place Sioux Falls, SD 57103

Downtown Sioux Falls

We are looking forward to hosting The Prairie Farmer’s Market at Cherapa Place, where there is room to grow and facilities for winter markets as well as summer markets.

Cherapa Place